VSAR 495 Blog 8

I have been working on editing a lot the last couple of weeks at KOCT. I have been editing 3 different videos for The Voice of Oceanside and getting more familiar with Final Cut vs. Premiere Pro. I am still waiting for the mobile studio to be completed so I can start marketing, but with graduation right around the corner, I am not sure I will be able to complete that job. I have learned a great deal about television production from interning here, and I am so excited to pursuer this career in the future. We have a taping tonight for the Oceanside Spectrum  that I will be assisting with and I am super excited! This has been a great experience and I am so glad that I was able to work with these amazing people at KOCT.

VSAR 495 Blog #7

The last couple weeks at KOCT for me have not been as productive. I was scheduled to work as a grib for a shoot last Monday, but the shoot ended up getting canceled. I helped Jake revise some documents, and sent over the updated equipment list for the mobile studio. They ended up ordering some more equipment for the truck, so we were waiting for that to get installed in order to move forward with that project. I have been working with Miguel, KOCT’s graphic artist, on creating a brochure, and html page. However, in order to start reaching out to production companies to market the truck, I have to wait until he is finished with those, and until the truck is complete. I also got a stomach bug, so I was unable to go into the station last week. Hopefully this week, there will be more hands on tasks that I can do.

VSAR 495 Blog #6 KOCT

Last Thursday, I helped film the Journalist Round Table at KOCT. This is a live show, so there was a lot of pressure to make sure all panning and zooming was on point and smooth. I was behind camera number 4 and I was in charge of focusing strictly on the host. He was quite the wiggle worm, so it was tricky to make sure he was framed perfectly of the live show. Micheyl and I were also in charge of helping set up the lav mics for all of the guests on the show. We also helped break it down after the shoot. On Monday this week, I got to take a look at Micheyl’s edit of the Cafe 101 news brief that I helped produce. I have been in contact with the owner of Cafe 101 to keep in posted on our status and progress so far. I also had to update the equipment list for the mobile studio because we got rid of some stuff and added some new features. I have been working closely with Miguel, so that we can put together an HTML page and Tri-fold brochure so that we can begin marketing the mobile studio. Since we are getting new things installed, we have to wait in order to proceed with that project. On Wednesday this week, I helped clean the studio, and mobile truck in order to prep for a client that wanted to potentially book the studio for some filming. I also help Angela file some videos. So Wednesday was more of a clean, and organize day. Hopefully next week, the truck will be ready and I can finish up with the brochure and web page and start promoting and marketing the truck. I am also excited to see Micheyl’s final version of the Cafe 101 news brief.

VSAR 495 Blog #5 KOCT

Over the last couple of weeks at KOCT, we had an intern training were we learned the basics of the camera and audio. We went over setting up a shoot from start to finish. Later that week, the interns got to help teach a group of high school kids how to use the cameras for another Oceanside Spectrum. Micheyl and I taught some of the kids the basics of camera work. We demonstrated how the tripods were adjusted, how to balance the camera, how to pan left/right/up/down, how to zoom in, how to focus and white balance the camera, etc. We let the kids do the actual filming during the show, so that they could get some experience filming a live show. It was a lot of fun to see how excited they were about it, and it helped refresh my memory of filming because I had to demonstrate it.

Also, at our internship training session, we were assigned our first solo news brief shoot. I was assigned the position of the producer, and  I had to coordinate an interview and film day with Jon Daley from the Café 101 in Oceanside for their 87th anniversary. I called Jon and we scheduled for the crew to come out on Wednesday the 25th from 8-9 AM. I was in charge of putting together the interview questions and helping with the filming and storyline of the news brief. I took a lot of still images of the café and interviewed Jon, and one of the waitresses that was working that day. When we got back to the station, I transferred and logged the footage from that day, so that it would be easier for Mark to begin editing. I started editing some of Jon’s interview as well.

I have also been working on a tri-fold brochure for KOCT’s Mobile Studio. I took still images of the truck and equipment that is inside of the studio. I put together a brief outline of what I wanted to brochure to look like and I included all of the content and information that I have been gathering since the beginning of the semester. I will be meeting with Miguel (KOCT’s Graphic designer) next week so that he can help me with the broacher and html page for the website, so that I can start marketing the truck.

Thursday night is another film night for the Journalist Round Table, and I will be assisting and helping film that night. IMG_1010 IMG_1021 IMG_0993 IMG_0995 IMG_0957 IMG_1278 IMG_1282

KOCT Blog #3

Over the last couple of weeks, I got to be a camera person for The Oceanside Spectrum with host, Elaine Swan. It was a live recording session, and it was very exciting to see how it was all put together. I was in charge of camera 3, and mainly focused on capturing the responses of the interviewees that Elaine was discussing local events with. It was really cool to wear a head set and be able to communicate with the people who were in the control room. They would tell me when to get ready for filming and whether to pan left or right or zoom in or out.

Jordan Prod.Pic

I also helped put together thank you packages for all the members who contributed to the Adobes and Rancho’s of North County. That day was more of an arts and crafts day, so I did not work with any filming or editing. However, next Monday we are doing an internship training where we will learn to set up the equipment for a shoot, film, and break down the eq. This will be a great opportunity to learn more about the actual technology and I will get to ask any questions that I have about the process or equipment.

I had to take a couple sick days over the last couple weeks because of my back. I have been suffering with severe back pain for a few years now, and because of my hectic schedule, I tweak it from time to time. I took a full day off to rest, heat, and ice my back on Monday the 2nd, which is why this blog is a couple days late.


KOCT Blog #2

I am still in the process of working on finalizing the mobile truck info for the website. As soon as that gets approved, I will be able to start contacting production companies and marketing the mobile studio. Last week, I was also able to edit a couple of short promos. One of them was for African American history month. I learned how to digitize film off of a video tape. I then had to sort through footage to find the perfect clips to fit to a 20 second voice over. The other promo was for the Journalist Round Table which featured council members of North County. I put together a 2 minute video which summarized what the round table meeting would be covering. Tonight I get to be a production assistant for a shoot on the Oceanside Spectrum from 2:30-7:30. I am excited to see how this goes, as this is my first time working on set with a professional crew.

KOCT Intern

Last week at KOCT, I helped put together a booklet for the Board of Directors. I am still also working towards marketing the mobile studio truck that they have. They recently upgraded the truck and it is now equipped with HD products. I have been working on an equipment list as well as a short description of the truck and it’s other amenities. I have also been researching other production companies in San Diego that we can try and rent the truck to. This week I will be finalizing the equipment list so that we can advertise the truck on the KOCT website. After we get the mobile studio web page up and running, I will be contacting other production companies and marketing the truck. I am excited to go out on a shoot one of these days and see the truck in action and how it is used in order to fully understand the capabilities of the mobile studio.